Skybrake AUS




No need to worry, let the GSM GSP look after your vehicle!

What is GSM GPS?

Skybrake GSM GPS is a sophisticated car alarm, which allows the user to control it directly from their smartphone and constantly receive system status messages, being updated 24/7 on where the car is located and whether it is safe.


  • Is connected to the vehicle’s CAN bus line
  • With the built-in sensor detects if the vehicle has been tampered with

What are the advantages?

  • Control by original remote control
  • Control by cell phone (App for Android and iOS)
    – Find your car location via GPSM
    – Block engine
    – Start engine
    – Start/Stop autonomous car heater and other
  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • Built-in adjustable tilt and shock sensor
  •  Skybrake GSM/GPS