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Skybrake DD5 Trucks

The most reliable things are invisible

Skybrake DD5 Trucks

Skybrake DD5 Trucks is a renewed version of last generation of Skybrake truck and tractor machinery immobilizers. Skybrake DD5 Trucks is offered with one or two engine disable modules and with or without motion sensor.

Skybrake DD5 Trucks is controlled via wireless personal transmitter which you simply have to have with you. Thanks to the wireless transmitter, no additional operations are required from the driver to start the vehicle.

Thanks to their small size, the engine disable modules can be easily hidden in any truck or tractor. The small size of the personal transmitter allows to comfortably keep it in your pocket or wallet.

Skybrake’s DD5 Trucks forerunner, Skybrake DD2, in 2008 was nominated as a finalist of Latvian National Export and Innovation Award. In Skybrake DD5 Trucks the Skybrake Double Dialogue communication and data encryption solution is used, which ensures the highest level security.

Compact size Compatibility with hybrid and electric vehicles Skybrake DD Solution Compatibility with other Skybrake products Minimum interfering with vehicle electronics Low current consumption 17 years of experience in vehicle electronics
Skybrake DD5 Trucks immobilizer:

  • comfortable for everyday use – to use a truck equipped with this immobilizer, no additional operations are required from the driver
  • ensures protection even if your truck keys are stolen
  • „invisible” system – due to the system’s extra-small size it is impossible to find it when installed on the bike
  • safe protection against electronic hacking ensured by a data encryption system which was specially developed for this product
  • non-stop system operation – audio warnings in the truck’s passenger compartment inform you that battery needs to be replaced