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Secret GPS transmitter – keep your property and resources in sight!

What is CheckGPS?

CheckGPS is a miniature multi-purpose device for vehicles, which provides valuable monitoring, determining the location, speed of movement and other significant data in the case of theft, damage during transportation, etc.

CheckGPS can collect the following data:

  • GPS coordinates
  • GSM tower and strength
  • Temperature
  • Acceleration
  • Battery power level and other

Access to the information is possible through both the online system and the mobile application.

What are the benefits of CheckGPS?

  • Longevity – can work autonomously for 2 years without changing the battery
  • IP67 and accelerometer – shock resistant, durable and waterproof. A warning with coordinates will be sent in the case of any impact
  • Size matters – miniature size relative to battery durability
  • 100% reachability – will send coordinates from any location
  • Ready to use – use the system immediately after purchasing! No wiring or installation needed
  • Easy to hide – sleep mode prevents it being discovered

Look after your property wisely with CheckGPS!