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Before OEM or the custom product or component development our OEM consultants help to draw up a product specification to meet your specific wishes and needs. When developing and specifying your new product all your wishes are taken into account and you are offered the best the world has to offer. Following the specification, our OEM team, consisting of OEM consultants, engineers, programmers and experts in electronic systems, prepares an offer for your company.

After the approval of the specification Skybrake technical department starts to develop the prototype. Components are chosen, microchips are programmed and connections are formed according to the parameters set forth in the specification. In each phase of prototype development, the functioning of the system is tested in the Skybrake lab.

At the product development stage, work is commenced on the product’s visual appearance, and based on product size and purpose of use the best industrial design solutions are offered for product housing, shape and practical use.

After approval of the prototype the end costs of product materials are quoted (BoM – Bill of Materials).

After the prototype development, in co-operation with the Marketing Department, the product packaging, manuals and other visual materials are designed according to your company brand and brand book and your individual requirements and wishes.


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