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Phonetrack application

Locate your family and friends anytime, anywhere!

What is Phonetrack?

Phonetrack is a low battery consumption phone tracking application with various features for easier everyday communication with your family and friends.

With Phonetrack app you can:

  • Create Geofences – as many safe zones as you need
  • Set alerts when a tracked phone leaves or enters a specific area at a particular time of the day, day of the week, or just any time
  • request the position where your friends are at any moment

Useful Phonetrack features:

  • location history
  • live chat – enables you to share free messages, images and video files
  • notifications – inform you when your loved ones enter/exit certain areas (Home, School, Work, etc.)

Make sure your family and friends are safe – try out the free Phonetrack version now!

 Phonetrack App