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During the 17 years of its operation the company has constantly developed and improved. In the first years after its founding in 1994 the company mainly focused on vehicle marking and installation of imported security systems. In 1996, our ongoing experience, enterprise and vision of a safe world were the main arguments in favour of starting manufacturing our own security system.

The company’s 17 years of operation in car electronics have provided a huge experience which it now uses for introducing the newest generation systems for vehicles. Operation within the whole cycle, from product idea to prototype development to manufacturing, installation and communication with the product’s end-users, allows us to gain priceless knowledge about the product’s conformity to each of these phases, as well as a direct product evaluation from its users.

When in 1997 the company launched its own manufacturing facility, its founders could not even imagine how important its current experience in vehicle electronics will prove to be. After seven years of intense product development, manufacturing and distribution in Latvia, in 2004 export of Skybrake products was started to EU and CIS states. Thanks to the well-done “homework”, the Skybrake systems fast gained recognition beyond Latvian borders.

A few years later, following a business partner recommendation, the company started to offer modified Skybrake systems for specific partners and their market specificity. From this moment on, the company also offers OEM solutions. Skybrake develops OEM solutions for companies from varying sectors and various countries, like Great Britain, Russia and Spain.

Our experience, relationships with partners and their appreciation allows us to encourage you: Come to the wireless world! Come to it with Skybrake!

Company history milestones


Work commenced on Skybrake AMR
Skybrake FireAlarm – GSM smoke detector

Subsidiary branch in Ukraine – Autonams Ukraine, Kiev –

Skybrake FTA110 – Fuel Theft Alarm

Firts subsidiary branch outside Latvia – Gorec, Grozny, Russia –


Work commenced on Skybrake FireAlarm

Strategic decision to widen the scope of activity

In the Ukraine, Toyota and Lexus dealers start to install Skybrake DD2+ on their cars as the most secure way of protecting them against car theft

Skybrake DD2+ is renewed

A separate Development Department is established with the task to research and analyze the world markets and to generate ideas for new product development

VLC-5501 receives the Great Britain’s LAMMA main award as the “Best New Product or Innovation” with a retail price less than £5000.

British police recommend using VLC-5501 and equips its own tractor machines with it

Skybrake Touch awarded the 2nd prize at Latvian “Export and Innovation Award” in the “Most innovative product” category

Skybrake DD2+ – the 4th most sold immobilizer in Russia


VLC-5501 is developed

Skybrake F20 nominated as a finalist of Latvian “Export and Innovation Award”

Restructuring due to macroeconomic conditions


OEM Product Development Department is established

Skybrake DD2+ nominated as a finalist of Latvian “Export and Innovation Award”

SIA Autonams brokeri subsidiary established


Route Management System Skybrake FMS


New manufacturing facilities


First export contracts


First steps to export


Autonams Vehicle Protection Centre opened at Skanstes 9a, Riga, Latvia

SIA Transporent subsidiary established –


Work commenced on Skybrake DD2


Work commenced on Skybrake Data Logger


Work commenced on G-series vehicle alarms


Work commenced on S-series vehicle alarms


First manufacturing site


Skybrake is born

Project Development Department is established

A strategic decision is made to start manufacturing of our own products


Vehicle marking employing a united database in the Information Centre of the Latvian Ministry of Interior, thus introducing a new, united security standard and level in Latvia


SIA Autonams is founded –