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Areas of Operation

Skybrake is active in the development of wireless systems and devices. We focus on the following product groups:

Telematics, logistics and transport:

  • Protection of vehicles (motorbikes, quad bikes, passenger cars, trucks, tractor machines etc.)
  • Fleet Management Systems
  • Vehicle Black Box and Data Logger systems
  • Specific vehicle sensors with remote data transfer to a server or desired recipient (e.g., for taxis – taxi occupied/free; for emergency vehicles – flashing lights and siren on/off; fuel tank lid control etc.)

Smart house and resource control:

  • Home protection and security

Skybrake mainly develops devices for further transfer of information using Wi-Fi, GMS/GPRS, Bluetooth and other data transmission possibilities.

Skybrake always offers you three possibilities:

  • Purchase of ready-made Skybrake products
  • Modification of Skybrake products according to your wishes and needs and market specificity
  • Development of new products specially for you (OEM)